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“We are excited to launch the EDSA Foundation – it has been a dream come true since e² Young Engineers started in South Africa in 2014. We believe every child in South Africa should have the opportunity to get exposed to a better education which will build a better future for our country”

– Riana van der Westhuizen, founder of EDSA Foundation

We believe that a parent’s financial status OR where they live should not have any impact on the child’s future.

We are here to ensure that the uniquely designed and interactive educational programmes of e² Young Engineers are provided to the poor and needy children, at no cost.

Upcoming Projects



Through the EDSA Foundation, children from different communities will have the opportunity to participate in the e² Young Engineers (ESYE) programmes. We will identify communities, schools and children throughout South Africa who will benefit from the ESYE programmes.

We will also negotiate Corporate involvement on a national level to assist with the funding required to roll out the ESYE programmes in disadvantaged areas in South Africa. National projects will be launched by our foundation which will be maintained and supported by the more than 30 established ESYE franchises nationwide.

ESYE will appoint and train instructors in each community which will also contribute to the uplifting of the community by creating job opportunities.


Create opportunities for children in South Africa to get exposed to a better education which will build a better future for our country

  • Provide an educational service to the poor and needy in South Africa
  • Promote and support Early Childhood Development
  • Promote and support learning and education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Provide fun and exciting STEM educational programmes
  • Train people from our community to conduct the programmes


Woman’s Day Fundraising Event

EDSA Foundation brings education to our community. On 9 August, Centurion Golf Estate, Pretoria. EDSA Foundation participated in its first fundraising event with e² Young Engineers. About e² Young Engineers e² Young Engineers is a company that provides educational enrichment programmes with an engaging, hands-on learning platform for children. They believe that each child should have an …