Macmillan Education SA Learner Intervention in Tlhage Primary School

EDSA Foundation at Tlhage School – March 2018

EDSA Foundation kicks off its first project in the North West

12 March 2018, Tlhage Primary School – Thekwane, North West Province

The EDSA Foundation in conjunction with Macmillan Education South Africa  provides STEM Educational programmes to 305 learners from Tlhage Primary School in Thekwane.

Macmillan Education South Africa, a world class educational content and service provider, provided the funding for this specific project. As a trusted publishing brand in South Africa, they support learners, teachers and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats.

Their passion for learning and their commitment to elevate education in South Africa to much greater heights is second to none.

The EDSA Foundation offers a unique edutainment curriculum, which teaches basic scientific principles and complex subjects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the use of games.

With a focus on future generations of engineers, scientists and innovators, Macmillan and the EDSA Foundation could not wait to start this project.

The foundation believes that every child in South Africa should have the opportunity to get exposed to better education which will build a better future for South Africa.

Gamified educational STEM classes are the perfect platform to provide this knowledge and experience that would otherwise be unattainable to some of these children.

Tlhage Primary School is so excited to be at the forefront of projects like these through the foundation and are so proud to have one of their own volunteers now working and teaching these educational programmes to their students full-time.

The benefits to the school are not only educational, but are also in the evident improvement of problem-solving skills, development of spatial vision and fine motor skills as well the ability to communicate feelings and thoughts of creativity, joy, frustration and ideas effectively.

The EDSA Foundations’ mission is to provide educational services to the poor and needy in South Africa; promote and support Early Childhood Development; Promote and support learning and education in the STEM fields; Provide fun and exciting STEM educational programmes; and to train people from the community to conduct the programmes.

This is the first project of many to come all around South Africa.

To get involved with the EDSA Foundation, contact us directly by clicking here!

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